Hello, I'm Marco Carniel

Hello, I’m Marco Carniel


My name is Marco Carniel, a business designer wannabe.

I’m a management engineer: the university where I studied taught me how to manage organizations and their resources, like machineries, informative systems and people.

Now you may be asking yourself: “what is the relationship between design and engineering?”

Contrarily to what you are thinking, my idea of design is really different from the classic term of design: people can achieve incredible results implementing design tools and techniques in different environments.

There are a lot of different definition of design, but the one I think is the most suitable to what design represents for me is:

plan or do (something) having an exact objective in mind.

[Cambridge Dictionary]

This definition links perfectly design to business. Two environments that appear so different but that, actually, as you will see in this blog, are strictly connected.

As I gained more information of the design world, I discovered a particular kind of design, something different from all the others:



Design thinking is a human-centric methodology based on that’s useful to innovate and solve problems paying attention to the real needs of people populating the world.

After falling in love with it and having studied it, I began to exploit design to solve problems in uni and work achieving incredible results.

I created “Design for non designers” to share with you ideas and experiences.

In this blog I’ll speak about techniques, skill, tools, book, and a lot more that will let you manage the majority of your problems differently, quickly and effective.

The love for humans and philanthropy are the two main elements that boost me and my article up. Being able to pay attention to people and their needs in a world where technology is essential, is what I think could be the real value for human beings and companies.

Understanding people means foresee the future.

[Marco Carniel]


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